The SoftwareONE experience - Leipzig

 The company where we did our internship at Leipzig was SoftwareONE. Since we are FP Dual students, we've already had first contact with this company at their offices located in Santiago de Compostela.

As a welcome from our workmates in Leipzig, they gave us a little "tour" of the city, besides taking us to the office to show us the installations and to start meeting our other work mates, who which we would befriend during this month of staying.

We were asigned a project to develop an app that allows e-bike renting to the company employees. This project is a proposal to take hand against pollution caused by vehicles using "eco-friendlier" alternatives. With regard to this project, the company provided us some training related to AGILE metodologies (such as SCRUM or Kanban) by taking the role of a Product Owner, which is the one in charge to create the user stories, wireframes and keeping in touch with both the customer and development group, defending the interests of each sides. Also, we were introduced to new technologies such as React and MAUI.

An interesting activity we participated in the last days was a Leadership Workshop, where we learnt about important concepts about leadership, values and the right ways to use leadership in a team environment by doing some activities which encouraged teamwork and the importance of a leader in a team.

Overall, the experience has been really exciting and fullfilling, both personal and professional-wise.

Agustin da Silva


  1. Semella que a experiencia na empresa foi moi enriquecedora xa que pudisteis asumir varios roles e coñecer dinámicas de traballo "reais". Parabéns.


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