Discovery at Leipzig

        An entire month has been enough time to enjoy and find some great places in Leipzig. Me and my coworkers have really done a lot of interesting things during July.

    Leipzig really has a huge variety of restaurants; independently in which part you are. Of course, the most commonly are the Turkish ones. I have eaten in some of them. But these are not the only kind of places in which you could eat. Me and my flatmates had discovered the Vietnamese food at a restaurant close to our home. It was absolutely tasty. It was difficult to find a restaurant when the time is over eight pm. I recommend to everyone who are visiting Leipzig the Macdonald’s at the city center because is the last restaurant open at that time. If you want to have dinner in a fancy restaurant you should go to Sushi Circle.


    Me and my colleagues were very good workers during this Erasmus+ but of course we have also had time enough to go partying too. So, I could recommend you some interesting places in Leipzig. If you want an European Club experience, I should recommend you to go party to the Spizz. It is a place with a bar and a dancefloor downstairs. I really enjoyed the dj set it was really impressive and he used a lot of techniques of scratch, It was awesome. But if you prefer to relax and have cheap beer meanwhile you smoke a cigarette inside you would have it at Goldhorn bar at Karl-liebmann Street. But in order to have a real German party experience you should go drink at Lene-Voigt Park. Do not be afraid; in Germany you have freedom of drinking in every public street or park. But please be respectful with the environment and put in your bottles next to the rubbish. Going to rave must be the most exciting thing you could do if you are interested in having a German experience. During the summer there are a lot of concerts and parties at the weekends, I went to a party called “Cumbiaton” which was really good.


    Do not worry if you are not a very party person, you could have some good experiences too. Like for example going to watch a movie at the cinema of the city center. It would be tricky to find an original version movie, but not impossible. My flatmates watched the new Thor film, the worst of that was the price, it costed thirteen euros. Otherwise, there are a lot of malls with so many stores in Leipzig. You could go shopping if you need it or enjoy expending your time in that kind of stuff.


        The Erasmus+ at Leipzig was a great experience for me and my classmates. If you have the opportunity do not think twice and apply yourself for that great experience.

Marcos Martinez