Weekend plans in Leipzig


If you are looking for a good weekend plan, Leipzig will not disappoint you.

Despite the fact that my stay in this city has been brief, only a month, I have had a great time.

We took the first weekend to meet our Erasmus fellows and the people from the Leipzig office. We went to some parks, pubs and bars around Leipzig. The best area to have a drink I would say is Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, there is a very good atmosphere, as Marcos mentions in his article.

The next weekend plan was to go to Belantis theme park. Despite not being a very large park, it does not disappoint. To get there we rented some bikes. The bike ride can be done calmly in 50 minutes. It travels along dirt and asphalt roads that border the lake Cospudener, full of vegetation and small houses and bungalows. 

We arrived at the park at 10am and stayed there until 5pm, the attractions close at 6pm. It was more than enough time to enjoy all the park’s attractions, as well as to stop, eat and recharge.

In the way to back to Leipzig, we decided to stay that afternoon at the lake. The weather was very good and invited to take a dip. In our case we were satisfied with a refreshing swim, but the lake also has a port, sauna and numerous beach bars.

Our last getaway, to Berlin, was brief. We left on Saturday morning by bus. Upon arrival we split up, because a couple of us went to see an esports event (LEC), while the rest did tourism.

We visit places like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Natural History Museum and the Kaiser Memorial Church. We also take the opportunity to get to know the city's nightlife. Specifically, we went to a square near the Center for art, cinema, theater and clubs. The atmosphere there was fantastic, with lots of locals, chillouts, billiards, … and of course, full of people.

The truth is that they have been unbeatable and unforgettable weekends, the only thing I regret is not having more time to enjoy this magnificent opportunity with my colleagues.

Juan Antonio


  1. Que ben que esa experiencia fose tan grata. Seguro que o teu testimonio axuda a outros compañeiros a ir de Erasmus.


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